Would you like your own home on the web?

Or maybe you have a website that's old and needs re-vamping?

Then please consider using Mavaya Design!


In general, websites can be launched within a week or so of my starting, obviously time taken will depend on the amount of content you wish to include & how quickly you send it to me!

I do not charge per page and you can have as many as you like however over 25 pages and a surcharge of £5 a page is applicable.

The number of photos you wish to include is also unlimited as are any pedigrees (if that applies to your site)

Also included in the complete price are unlimited updates throughout the year.
This ensures your site is completely up-to-date at all times with no extra costs to worry about.

*Service Exchange*

Do you want a website but don't want to pay for it?
Well, if you offer a service that I may be interested in, I am quite happy to discuss an exchange of services rather than monies
(Hosting and domain name must be paid for, only design & maintenance service will be offered for free)

Just ask!

Please have a look below where you will find links to some of the sites I have made.
There are many different styles and colours so you may well be able to pick up some ideas for your own site!

Please take a look around to see what I do and how I work.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch.


I have many people ask me for my telephone number but I prefer to work only by email.
This is because I am not always able to answer calls and it's much easier to keep records or any requests if they are on (electronic) paper!


* Designing your site from scratch *

* Re-vamping & updating your old site *

* Re-sizing or editing of your photos *

* Uploading all pages & content to your own web space *

* Maintenance *

* Personalised Email Address*
ie. yourname@yourdomain.co.uk
To take advantage of this service you MUST have a desktop application such as Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express
(Instructions will be given)

* You can have as many photos or videos as you wish *

* Also included in the price are unlimited updates throughout the year *
This ensures your site is completely up-to-date at all times with no extra costs to worry about.

I am yet to find any other web designers who offer this unusual service within my price range.

* I will also submit your website to search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo & MSN *


All websites are made from scratch, I do not use a website maker programme nor do I use pre-made templates
This ensures your website is totally unique

Your site will be made to your specifications and is not launched until you are completely happy with it


One-off payment of 124.99 (per site)
To design & build your site
(includes set up, all pages, layouts, any graphics & editing/resizing pics)
Note: This payment is required in full before any work commences

Extra Pages - 5.00 each
A very generous allocation of 25 pages are included, however any over this amount will be charged at £5 per page.

Plus 149.99 a year (per site)

For maintaining all aspects of your website including FREE UNLIMITED UPDATES ALL YEAR

The charges above do NOT include the hosting fee & domain name

Hosting - 74.99 a year (per site)
This is your web space
This is cost price & paid to an independant hosting company - no profit is made by me.

Domain Name - 16.49 per year (per name)
This is also cost price & paid to an independant company.
This must be paid before your site can be uploaded to the web.

I do not make a profit on Hosting charges nor Domain Name charges, I only charge you for my designing and maintenance services.

Re-design - 125.00
If at any time you require or just fancy a whole new layout and re-design of your site this will be charged at 125.00 per site.
'Redesign' also includes colour changes. Changing the colour of your site means remaking every single graphic, reframing every single photo and therefore takes hours of work.


IMPORTANT - In the event of the host server going bust or suchlke I am NOT liable for any costs involved with transferring to another company. (Of course I will not charge to transfer all your data and getting your site up & running again) This is because the host company has nothing to do with me and is completely independant of myself & Mavaya Website Design.

Please don't be scared by this, any costs would be minimal, only the hosting/domain fees & I would sort everything out on your behalf so no need to worry! This blurb would usually be in the small print but I prefer to be up front and honest.
Obviously this scenario is extremely unlikely but just putting it on here to protect myself


First Year
Each Subsequent Year

For the subsequent year costs I am happy to offer a pay monthly scheme at the price of £24.99 per month


Personalised Email address (yourname@yourdomain.co.uk)
The number of Individual email addresses you can purchase is unlimted but they are charged at £30 each
(one off fee for the duration of your custom). This is for unlimited quota so you'll never fill up your inbox!


I reserve the right to change my prices at any time. All changes will be added here first and any new prices will be applied to your next invoice.